Alicia Keys Opens Up In Complex

Alicia Keys has a lot to say about life in this interview. She opens up about being a woman, the loss of friends and learning how to be a fighter everyday in life.  She is definitely on FIRE!  Here are a few excerpts from the article.

“It’s not a departure. It’s growth. I love the way that I’ve been able to go deeper into my lyrics and my songwriting and go to a place I was too afraid to access before.”

“Don’t be mad that I’m different. Don’t be mad that I’m changed. Don’t be mad that I’m grown. You can’t affect me the way you once did. You can’t be mad. Like how could you be mad?” 

“The whole freaking world is looking at your [stuff]. It’s scary. I didn’t want to say every single thing because you don’t want people to know that. There’s personal and there’s public, and I deserve the right to have a personal space.”

“I felt like a girl misunderstood that no one really knew. I felt like it was time to stop making excuses for any part of my life that I wanted to change. Once I made that choice I became a girl on fire, the lion broke free!”

“I was recording since I was 15. By the time the record came out, I was 19. And since then, it’s been on.” 
“Becoming my new self, some people didn’t understand me anymore. Some people who I knew for years —we couldn’t be on the same page anymore. That’s OK because that’s part of growing up.”

Source: Complex