Let’s Hear It For The Boys!

I decided to flip the script this time around and focus on the fellas. Lately, I’ve seen some fresh clean cuts and styles being flaunted from just about every era. Starting with the early 1950s rock n’ roll pompadour.  The James Dean’s rebel hair. To the 70s Soul Train afro,  the 80s Kwamé colored strip of hair and even down to the light-hearted playfulness rapping duo called Kid n’Play with the high top fade.

Most of the styles are considered classics and have been redefined and tweeked a little.  But not everyone can pull off these fly looks.  So I had to show off what famous guys and in the streets was a win for me.

Bruno Mars. Very 1950s. Pompadour.

James Franco. Classic Rebel

Andre 3000. What style has he not done?! He can do it all.

Wiz Khalifa. Through back 80s. Love the color streak.

David Correy from X-factor. Mohawk Cut is so precise.

Zac Effron. Love the texture.

Chris Brown. Although the color was extreme I thought he was able to pull it off.

Last But Not Least. Jay-Z.

Jay always has a fresh cut.  And I think he looks nice with hair too.

And just random images I thought were nice.