Who Should Really Play Sugar Ray Leonard?

We’ve all heard that Usher is gearing up to play the most swift, leaned out boxer of all time known to knock em’ out round for round, Sugar Ray Leonard. There are so many others qualified to play this role that are either under the radar or being overlooked. Or shall I say both? We (ARTA STAFF) decided on the top five male actors who would be excellent to deliver an Oscar worthy performance. But most of all we want to know if you agree. Here are our top five. If they don’t suit your needs—then who does?


Yes! This dude has been putting it down for years! Nobody can put a stamp on this one like O-Dog. Except for maybe Darius Lovehall. He can go from gangsta to being a loving gentleman on screen. Larenz can make any character come to life. He’s that young Denzel. One who knows his craft and can set it off with any role. It would be nice to see him knock this one out!



He is a phenomenal actor that deserves more screen time. He has the build the look and charisma.



Why not? It’s in his genes!



Nick has talent. Like seriously he can do more than just host America’s Got Talent.




Young buck. He gave us some of the coldest performances as Michael in The Wire for six seasons. Only to flip the script after moving to Beverly Hills. Watch out for this kid. We can definitely see this golden boy lace up the gloves.