You Smell Like…..

Have you ever picked up a your favorite fragrance and thought, “This reminds me of…” If so you were right on it and if not well jump on board to see what secret ingredients were added to your favorite perfumes to set off such a nostalgic scent. You know the ones. They remind you of that special place or someone but topped off with something else that you could never imagine of or ever think to be used.

Go on. Take a whiff

For the love of Pralines:

Lancome La Vie Est Belle is mixed with patchouli and Tunisian orange blossom that carries notes of iris combined with pralines, caramel, and almond.


For the love of Truffle:

Stella McCarthy L.I.L.Y. has the Lily of the valley and oak moss transformed into the earthy element of truffles. Very pretty and feminine.


For the love of AMBER:

Florabotan has a scent called the Elephant Ear Plant which  is added to vetiver and amber, caladium leaf (known as elephant ear) to make a super-sexy concoction that’s a fresh and clear scent.


For the love of Marshmallows

Bath & Body works new fragrance Forever Red carries sweet and luscious notes of peach, vanilla rum and marshmallows!

INSIDE TIP:    Certain types of scents like citrus do not last on the skin no matter what you do when applying it. Spicy complex ones like incense inflected ones will last all day. Anything with oud, amber or patchouli will last a long time. Florals scents are kinda in the middle.

Perfumes (which is the most concentrated) last longer than eau de toilette and oils.

Source: Lucky