UXUA. A Place For Luxury.


Remember I when I said, “There is a place that fits my style?” Well, here it is!

I saw a beautiful article, “Brazilian Treatment”,  that was featured in VOGUE magazine on my way back from Mexico. How ironic?

This is how I came to understand what pure luxury Eco-Chic remote spas were all about.

“The spa at Uxua extends far beyond the hotel. For the white clay–lagoon trip, you ride on horseback to Taipe Beach, where glorious clay cliffs come into view, colored tangerine, red, coral amethyst. You walk a short path to a hidden lagoon whose rims is made from a surprising chalk–white clay; you can scrape it out with a spoon and rub the mineral-rich, exfoliating scrub all over your body.” As quoted by Isabel Gillies for Vogue Brazilian Treatment

UXUA has friendly service in Bahian style, two restaurants specializing in traditional Bahian cuisine, a spa, a unique swimming pool of healing aventurine crystals, and a spectacular beach lounge created from old fishing boats.

This place was designed by Wilbert Das (with local artisans) who studied fashion design was the Head of Design for Italian fashion label Diesel Clothing. The design of Uxua was influenced by Trancoso’s 500 years of history; Portuguese adventures, African Slaves, Indian tribes, Jesuit missionaries, and even Brazilian hippies. The detailed approach took  two years to complete.

The place was born out of love for Trancoso and their mission is to contribute to the towns beauty and preservation. Focusing on events like Festa São Brás, the cultural preservation of Capoeira and environmental causes. Buying locally grants their fifty member staff with benefits and affordable housing.

One place I am truly saving up for!

Ahh..so Sexy….

So Beautiful….

So appealing….

Soon. Very soon:)