Please Ms. Banks, Do Tell

Tyra gives us the 411 on her show,  things she’s obsessed about and what Nylon magazine means to her this season.

Yes, Nylon Magazine and AMNTM are now partners. See what else Tyra has to say….

Her Obsessions:

Tyra has made up words like Flawesome which means: You’re flawed but awesome.

She collects vintage magzines.

She’s obsessed with Disney!

Is a fan of Alexander Mcqueen.

She’s obsessed with Clumpy Mascara

She loves and wears disposable fake diamonds.

Loves the photo apps.

Loves frozen yogurt. Any flavor but chocolate and whip cream straight outta the can.

Obsessed with her new Top Model panel.

Loved her dorm bed while attending Harvard Business School.

Her TZONE  camp

Second life art. “The art that I’m collecting has a second life; it was made from something else.”

Traveling the world. “Right now I’m obsessed with traveling the globe and visiting the different international Top Models.”

Source: Nylon Magazine    Photography: Brooke Nipar     Hair: Neeko     Makeup: Laura Mohberg    Stylist: Arianne Tunney