Rachel Crow Is A Factor

Remember Rachel Crow? The sweet little girl with the big voice on X Factor?

The one we were all rooting for and wanted to win?   She had a powerful voice that gave us the next Whitney Houston. Hair like Diana Ross. And a smile like no other little girl. Rachel came across like an old soul in love with everyday life, without a care in the world. Our hearts were crushed when she was eliminated.

Well…She’s baaaaacccckkk . After her lost she quickly regained her strength when she signed a record deal with Columbia. Rachel completed an anthem song she co-wrote called Mean Girls, a pop song about being bullied by people in the past. Here’s something else for those mean nasty girls who taunted her, soon she will be starring daily in her own television show for Nickelodeon. All you did was ignite a little engine that keeps running on success because she has determination and heart.

Rachel says she’s just Rachel. Her fans love her and her family is always around to keep her grounded now that she’s relocated to L.A. ” I’m a pretty normal kid —except I’ve got this hair!” Which makes her even cuter.

Inside scoop:

Did you know she was teased for wearing a t-shirt that featured our then running president Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. with the famous slogan ” I have a dream —let’s make it real?” 

She is the living dream and the future. Give it all you got Rachel! You still got our vote.