Second Time Around

I needed to reach for the life that I’d always envisioned

I’ve recently rejoined the gym. 24 Hour Fitness to be exact. Truth be told, I hate the gym. Did ya’ hear me? I said I hate the gym. From the funk doctor smells that hit your nose upon entering.  To the too loud music that always seems to be blastin’ those same five hip hop songs. Not to mention the inattentive attendant who’s got next in the pickup game while peeping Sportcenter for the latest scores. Hey buddy, front desk.  Park it.  It’s only your job. Whoa cut to car chase scene. Kill the explosives. End of ramble. That’s a take. Movin’ on.

With that being said you’re probably scratching your head, “If it’s so bad, why’d you go back?” Three reasons. One, I’ve gotten fat as hell. Two, please refer back to one. And trois, I was tired of making excuses for my wearing men size Levi’s that hug in all the wrong places. Funny. Yet true. Not to mention this time around I wanted to use a different approach. A much more positive one. And a decidedly slower one.

I realized that my downfall lied in comparing the present me to the past me. Reminiscing about those oh so glorious days when I could run full court basketball without any joint knee pain. Or even six months ago when I could jump on my longboard and skate ten miles, barely even breathing heavy. Even foolishly still holding onto what a doctor told me years ago when he said I had the metabolism of someone half my age and would only experience a small amount of weight again every few years. That remained true for a moment of never. And I begin to find myself eating more and moving less. The only thing moving was my mouth. Got chips? And scene

My moment of truth happened while at work one afternoon. In retail stores there are skinny mirrors that are typically placed near dressing rooms to give the illusion of a more appealing image when a customer is trying on clothes. Then there are the honest-to-God-girl-you-done-got-big mirrors that seem to be strategically placed near all of the employees common areas. That day I passed by both mirrors and noticed that I looked the same. I was horrified by my appearance. Even though I was wearing a black Gap t-shirt, classic fit, there was more than a slight protrusion going on. My muffin top now had a muffin top.

So when a friend asked if I wanted to go to the gym the following week I jumped at the chance to lose the bakery. At first I had no intention of rejoining. I only wanted to get moving and was content to pay the guest fee. But then logic prevailed. The amount of money that I was willing to spend weekly in guest fees was silly when I could join for a much lower monthly fee and have access to more than one facility. And so my life begins. Again.

Now, instead of  focusing on the negative aspects of the gym, I find the positive in having a membership that includes classes like yoga, Zumba, spinning and plenty more. It was that simple.  No Eureka moment. Or dangling lightbulb. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror that day nor did I like how I had begun to feel. Your body moves differently when you’re overweight. I never thought that word would apply to me. But it did. And still does.

Have to admit there are days still when I’m just not hip to the vibe and I’d rather be doing other things. Then I remind myself of my own little mantra, “One hour today“. That’s it. Doing a little something is better than doing a whole lot of nothing. Taking it slow this time. There is no race.

Keeping a slow yet steady pace in order to reach my goals