Prepping Your Hair For The Fall

ArtaChic shows you how to Prep Your Hair For The Fall. From the best in the industry!

Ladies! The fall is approaching quickly. I reached out to some of my dearest friends and associates in the business to help me with this article. I wanted to give you the best in the industry along with a little input from your girl.  I also want to thank those for taking out the time to speak with me and for making this article happen for Arta Chic.

For those of you that I missed, I will be working on plenty more articles and will reach out for your expertise in the future. Until then I would like for our readers to see what other professionals have to say about “Prepping Your Hair For The Fall.” Thank you all sharing for your knowlege and experience with Arta Chic.


Carl Watkins

Many clients notice a change in texture of the hair and a more sensitive scalp during the fall season. As we enter into the fall season, it’s very important to prepare your hair and scalp for this transition. Fall and winter typically bring a dryer environment, so it’s really important to minimize protein conditioners and fortify the hair and scalp with moisture. During this season while it’s not uncommon to see some shedding and an itchy scalp, it is possible to take preventative measures to minimize this.

  • Condition once a month with a protein conditioner and weekly with a moisturizing conditioner
  • Get weekly in salon steam treatments for added moisture
  • Use moisturizing conditioners at home suggested by a professional stylist
  • Use a sealing serum to hair before blow drying and flat ironing. The serum is helping to seal the moisturizing molecules in the hair, and protect the hair cuticle from the drying elements of the fall season.

Quick inside tip:

“To achieve a similar steaming effect at home simply take a warm moist towel and wrap around the hair. While the towel is on the head, apply a plastic cap for 15 minutes.”

Carl Watkins of Cb’s Class Act Salon in Winston-Salem, NC


Monica Green

  • Natural hair tends to be a lot drier during the fall and winter season
  • Changing hair color according to seasons is a great accessory and causes no harm to the hair
  • Clients should use silk or satin scarfs around the collar of outdoor coats
  • Hair tends to shed more in the fall and winter

 “There is not one product that works for everyone’s hair for every season. Remember, sulfate free , mineral oil free, alcohol free, just to name a few. Consult with your stylist to help assist you with product knowledge.”

Quick inside tip: 

“I would recommend raw African shea butter and steam treatments for extra moisture during the fall season.”

Monica Green of SoCurly SoKinky SoStraight  South Euclid, OH


Sylvester Bailey

Color and Texture. Is the way to go this fall!

With the birth of the fall looming so enters the fall trends. For those fortunate enough to enjoy seasonal changes, color will play a major role in your fashion forward approach to your hair. We are inviting:

  • Darker reds and enhanced browns to blend right in with nature’s color miracle
  • Letting the hair down with lots of movement. Now that some of that extra moisture has been removed from the air
  • Big fros and twists

 It’s getting close to that time to layer up our wardrobe so it’s only right to:

  • Add a few layers to those curls. Layers give volume.
  • Have mid to long length hair.
  • Do The Kardashian’s type curls. Let your hair out!
  • Flow and smoothness. For any length.

“Getting back that length that we removed from the spring and summer cut frenzy wouldn’t be a bad idea either.” Sylvester Bailey. 

Inside scoop:

Team B.A.I.L.E.Y will continue to do the Kardashian type curls!

Sylvester Bailey of All Dolled Up Salon and ADU School of Cosmetology in Deerfield Beach, FL. 


Tara Copeland

This fall it would be great to give your hair a rest from heat or chemicals by changing up with extensions and using clear cellophanes. Clear cellophanes will do wonders for your hair by sealing the hair cuticles to prevent frizziness and give it life by adding a high gloss shine and enhancing a color that may appear drab or lackluster.

Give your hair a break and sew it up so you can experiment on those long or short styles you have been wanting but was too afraid to try.

Quick inside scoop:

“You can always color splash by accenting bold colors with hair extensions without harming your own locks for the fall.” 

“Clear cellophanes can be applied alone or over colored hair.”

Tara Copeland of Hair by Tara Copeland in Los Angeles, Ca