Getting Physical

It’s A Vibram Thing

Funny looking feet that are making fitness fun and oh so sweet. I’m sure you’re starting to see them everywhere. Well, at least whenever you look down. They come in all kinds of crazy, funky colors. I even snagged a pair after hearing and reading about the benefits of strengthening the feet. But I will forewarn you, take a moment to research the vibe before buying any ol’ pair and strapping them on for your next hike or yoga session. There are so many styles that are geared towards a specific activity. Also, it takes awhile to get use to their snug fit.

So check your gait before heading out the gate. I know, horrible pun. Couldn’t resist. In the meantime breeze by for more info. Many cool styles for the fellas too.

Transition slowly into barefoot running and other activities

Toes and heel should fit comfortably in each pocket

Increased health benefits

Improve balance and increase agility

7 thoughts on “It’s A Vibram Thing

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