Five Starter Makeup Brushes You Should Own

I’m a Makeup Junkie! I love makeup. I get the best from the best in the makeup industry. I love the MAC store and getting tips from my makeup artist friends. And watching You Tube. I like to pack light with my face makeup without carrying extra baggage.  With so much clutter, I decided to downsize to only the essentials brushes I needed for application. These are the most VITAL makeup brushes a sassy but classy lady should own. If you don’t own em’ you betta get em’!  Even if you’re not a pro…Cheers!


SMUDGER BRUSH: helps to diffuse any liner or shadow into a smoked out haze look. The dual brush is great too. One side can be used for heavy thick smudging and the other can be used for more of a lighter soft smudge.



POWDER BRUSH:  Used for applying powder, blush and to take away shine.


SLANTED BRUSH:  Great for defining and softening the eyebrows.

 BLENDER BRUSH: The magic tool for blending eyeshadows.

 CONCEALER BRUSH: This is used for applying foundations or any cream formula to the skin.