Take a common sense approach by doing your research first

Before you invest in the P90X  religion that’s threatening to take over the world, there are some things you should know, consider and then even reconsider. I too fell for the late night infomercial flaunting toned bodies and the encouraging words of the “flabby now turned fit”. Overwhelming guilt about how much weight I’d allowed myself to gain in less than a year made me do it. No longer being able to fit into my jeans made me do it. Believing the hype without fully researching the pros and cons made me do it.

Requires little equipment but is still a hefty investment

P90X is a great home fitness program. It’s just not for everyone. Me especially. I scoured their site, read the testimonials and saw hundreds of pictures that yielded amazing results every 30 days. Great. Not so much for me.

Like with any exercise program, results may vary. The real key to healthy weight loss starts in the kitchen. (THIS IS NOT ME PICTURED HERE)


  • I can workout at home
  • Can finally get rid of that gym membership that I never seem to use
  • Gyms stink and the music is always too loud
  • Access to online fitness tips, coaches and daily meal plans round the clock


  • Discovered I didn’t like exercising in my apartment
  • Although the program mixes up your daily routine, after two week it’s Boredsville USA
  • It’s extremely hard on the joints
  • Some of the fitness coaches pursue you relentlessly via Facebook until you sign up with them

I did P90X for seven weeks. I did see some results. Lost a bit of weight. I definitely had more energy. But I don’t credit that so much with the program as to my deciding to get up and start moving. Which any form of exercise can do for you if you commit to it on a daily basis. My sister, who’s in great shape, forewarned me about the rigors of this program. I foraged ahead anyway and suffered painful joints and sustained a knee injury that may require surgery. I go in for an MRI next week while my P90X continues to collect dust.

I’ve recently renewed my gym membership. Found a workout buddy who’s committed to the same health and fitness goals. Avoid those gyms that could use more than an air freshener and an employed volume controller. This time around I’m taking it slow. I gained (50) pounds in a year and I’m giving myself one year to lose it. My journey begins. So ends the ramble.