Caution: The Dangers Of Flip Flops

Nooooo…Not flip-flops. They should be considered the next best thing to high heels.  They’re a plus for wearing with my Bohemian chic hippy look! Oh yeah and for back up emergencies.  I never thought flip-flops would hurt your feet. Damn. I just cleared out the rack at DSW. After reading this I had to share with everyone about the real dangers of wearing flip-flops.


For the same reason you love flip-flops (they’re easy to slip into and feel like nothing on your feet), doctors urge you to be wary. According to APMA. These flimsy sandals can alter your gait, leading to ankle sprains and foot problems like plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the tissue connecting the heel bone to the toes.

You also risk ending up with permanently wider feet, since the shoes can cause soles to splay out and loosen your ligaments over time, says APMA spokeswoman Megan Leahy, D.P.M., a Chicago based podiatrist. So wear flip-flops in moderation (up to one hour of cumulative walking per day), and spend the rest of your time in more structured footwear.  As quoted in Shape Magazine

Glad the summer is almost over.

Source: The Shape Guide