Thandie Newton Spills Her Five Secrets!


Hollywood actress Thandie Newton gives her 5 Rules For Relaxed Glamour in this month’s September 2012 issue of Lucky Magazine.

See how this beauty stays sexy, cool and calm.




Glamour 1. She works out

“The one fitness routine I’ve stuck with for years is Jivamukti Yoga. I try to do it three times a week. It’s a treat. We think giving ourselves treats is alcohol and sugar, but treats don’t have to be harsh on your system”    As quoted by Thandie Newton


Glamour 2. She treats her skin

 “When I was a kid, the only product my mom used was Olay. This tinted moisturizer feels amazing on my skin and keeps it looking even and bright.”  

As quoted by Thandie Newton


Glamour 3. She takes vacations

“I was in Mauritius recently, staying at this beautiful resort called the Shanti Maurice. My skin has never glowed so much! All throughout the day, there was this warm rain—they call it liquid sun. It’s like a spa for the skin.”   As quoted by Thandie Newton


Glamour 4. For evening, she knows what she likes and sticks to it

“I put this liquid liner underneath my lashes, pushing it into each lash. I prefer eyes that slope a bit down, like Penelope Tree. The puppy eye.”   As quoted by Thandie Newton

“First I use this lip liner to fill in color all over my lips; that way, the color really stays. Once the color is set, I swipe this on—it’s so nourishing and hydrating, and leaves behind the subtlest sheen.”  As quoted by Thandie Newton

Glamour 5. She drinks … Turmeric!

“I put a couple of spoonfuls of turmeric into water everyday—it’s an incredible anti–inflammatory. I also tap a few grains into my foundation because it makes my skin look really glowy.”    As quoted by Thandie Newton

Source: Lucky Magazine September 2012