Ish is Thicke

The Thickeness that is Robin. You probably remember the Sprite commercial from back in the hey. Thicke was his moniker then. Rolling through NY via Times Square. Long-hair-hippie vibe crooning on a bike, posing as a soulful messenger. Delivering nothing but dope sounds. A complete contrast to what is expected of an r&b singer. Skip the obvious.  He’s heard it all before.

Don’t call him “blue-eyed soul”

Fast forward to present day grooveness. Shorter cut and GQ wardrobe in place has not spoiled his flow. Having written for Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson and Usher not only proves his versatility. But is a reflection of the craft. The respect that he has for a sound and experience that is innately Black. Perhaps. One can hear the yearning in his sketches. A need to make a deeper connection. Instead of being  just another white artist doing his best take on Black music because of its marketability benefits. Robin remains true to form. You can hear his influences. But you can also hear him too.

Currently a singer, mentor and judge on the ABC show Duets

Does he deserve the height of another artist’s sucess? Yes!  Namely Justin Timberlake. But that’s a whole notha article. I’m always gonna appreciate that cat who can truly play, sing and write music. Emphasis on truly. Thicke’s relatable without tryin’ too hard. Vibe never transparent. Clearly comfortable in his own thin.  Feel free to bring yo’ own skin. His music will pull you in. Dig it!

Thicke is one soulful cat