Ombre Color Fake Out

The most requested and popular color in Hollywood is known as Ombré colored hair. If you’re not familiar with this term’s usage it just means that the color creates an effect of a two toned look that appears as if color has not been retouched in about 3 to 6 months or more.

For those of you that are looking to stay in the color wheel of trends for a few nights only, I have a few solutions.


For the ARTA CHIC Rock Star. Hair Flairs has developed nine different vibrant shades of color called Color Rub that comes in a powder form that you streak onto your hair for an ombré neon effect. Once it’s applied the color powder is sealed with hairspray to lock in place. The color will come out in 1 to 2 shampoos.


For the ARTA CHIC Modest. Alterna has a more softer approach on the color wheel in three colors called One Night highlights in Shimmering Blonde, Ravishing Red, and Sweet Caramel. For ONE NIGHT ONLY. The color that can be easily applied with control in a mousse-like substance that seeps through the holes in the brush-on applicator. The color will be completely removed in one shampoo.

Attention: The blonde shade looks best on light hair. It can appear a tad ashy on dark locks.

*Remember these are temporary hair color products without going permanent. Color will vary according to your natural hair color.