Bar None

Pick one

In between meals. Sometimes you just need a snack. Have to admit. On those days when I’m seriously hungry. Not any ol’ bar with do. Real talk. Most days I just want a mini meal. It’s the only way for me to feel truly satiated. If I wait too long, then whatever I reach for only feels like a loose attempt on my part to be healthy. But let’s face it. I’m usually still hungry. The best advice I can give concerning bars is to eat them only as a snack in between meals. It’s never proven useful to serve as a meal supplement. At least not for me. Maybe I’m just greedy. Ha! Yeah. Anyhow, here are a few that get me through my day. Still, plan ahead.

Not one of my faves. Although popular with climbers. Leaves a bit of a chalky taste behind. But does sustain you through an activity.

There’s always that question, “Are nutrition bars really healthy?” That’s a great debate that none of us are willing to don khakis for. Seriously. If calorie counting is your caution, I suggest reading all labels. It is true. Some nutrition bars are no different from their candy bar counterparts. With that being said, educate the vibe. Read everything. Do your own research.

The nutrition bar for women. Love Luna. Lemon Zest is my absolute fave.

Most importantly use common sense. Don’t sway with the popular vote because everybody in the office is eating this or recommending that. Go to the grocery store and buy a few of each. Work them into your daily meal plan and keep a record of your findings. It doesn’t have to be a full on food journal. A little sidenote is all you need. Taste? Am I still hungry? Things like that. I know some people who skip bars altogether. I personally keep one in my lunch bag on a daily. Keeps me from climbing the vending machine at work in search of everything. I’m so serious.

Great tasting bar. I don’t have a favorite. They’re all good. It’s also vegan, gluten-free and made with natural ingredients.

There are so many bars on the market it’s hard to keep up. I like some. Others not so much. I don’t believe in the whole meal supplement craze. If I wanted to starve myself…well, I’d just starve myself. Make smart choices that are right for you. Also, don’t be afraid to take the unused portion back to Trader Joe’s for a full refund. Once again, I’m so serious.

Contains whole grains and naturally dried fruits. This bar will actually hold you over until the next meal.