Almond Joy

Looking to replace your daily moo? Try Almond milk. Dairy free. Lactose free. Lower in calories compared to the 136 found in an 8 oz. glass of whole milk. Every morning I splash a big cup of green tea with vanilla almond. That’s my cup o’ Joe.

Add fresh fruit to your cereal to give it a healthy kick

Tastes great in smoothies and over your favorite cereal. Opt for the unsweetened versions if you’re really watching your caloric intake.

A great source of vitamin E. Contains 50% more calcium than dairy milk

It use to be that you could only find it in Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or other specialty markets. That isn’t true anymore. Now you can swing by any of your local food chains and pick up a carton, or two, of  goodness.

A healthy alternative to soy
Whole Foods 365 store brand