West Oakland’s Finest Brown Sugar Soul Food Kitchen

Tanya Holland, owner of Brown Sugar Kitchen Restaurant,
has been on a roll since setting up shop four years ago (2008) in a prominently well-known area of West Oakland.
Brown Sugar draws in more than 1,800 customers a week waiting to be seated in one of the 36 seats or one of 14 bar stools.
Here you will find classic combination dishes available like the cornmeal waffles with tarragon-laced buttermilk fried chicken that was made exclusively for jazz musicians who would play into the wee hours and couldn’t decide between having breakfast or dinner.

Although born and raised in New York, Tanya also draws inspiration from her southern roots. Both of her parents are from the South. Tanya’s dishes are tasty in flavor. She remembers watching and learning how her mother fried chicken. How it brought everyone from all nationalities to the table for warmth and love. She also has been influenced by so much culture and cuisine living in New York. This led to her embracing the past and present. Creating some of the most magnificently flavorful dishes that lures in the funky and eclectic crowds from around the neighborhood.

Tanya has received a degree in French cooking and worked with Bobby Flay. She was also a host for the Food Network show, “The Melting Pot“. Her very own cookbook, New Soul Cooking would soon follow. Everyday, Holland loves making food for the soul as well as giving back to the community.

Source: O Magazine