Dear Frank Ocean

Dear Frank Ocean,

I hope you get the chance to read this letter.  Here at ARTA CHIC, we’ve supported you from day one. Since you came on the scene, to speak matter of factly. There is something so magnetic  that resonates in your music.  It’s what’s been truly missing in today’s R&B.

You’re that rare piece that comes along once in a lifetime in such a puzzling music business. Your style. Your voice. Your sense of self-assurednes. Unconditional love. Your thought process. Your creativity.  But most of all your TRUTH. Before your open letter (which was so beautifully done by the way) no one thought about your sexuality or what you did behind close doors.

What we did know was that there was this young man making great music that the world wanted to hear. We all wanted to know who is Frank Ocean? You have been an amazing artist thus far and we at ARTA respect your craft. The world is so complicated. Before you mentioned your lifestyle people never associated you with being in love with a man. Clearly defining your first love.

You let the world know that this person was so dear to you that it helped you make music. Because you have been thinking” so far ahead”. There are so many artist living a lie. Afraid to share their truth. Weary of the repercussions. The fallout. Or whatever is the politically correct term for this week in Hollywood. But we still listen and support their music completely unaware. None of this should really matter. Deep down we all know that it does. Speculation followed by rumors and heavy gossip. But you? It came straight from your mouth.

I have to say you are a prime example of what people love so much until something is revealed that shakes them up a certain way. To the point of denouncement. They are called hypocrites. Especially in the black community. Homophobia and self-hate has always defined our race, therefore our place in society. A divisive method that no longer has to be implemented by the “so called” power structure. It is a known fact that we as a people, tend to hurl bricks, instead of building houses. I am one for building not destroying.

I applaud you and respect your openness even more. The world is so full of lies, deceit, judgement, and cruelty. We have the Ten Commandants as a rule of thumb but who truly abides?  Who are we to judge?  We are not here on this Earth to hurt, ridicule, shun or dismiss. None of us hold a higher position. There is only one who can.

I really wish you the best and I will still continue to purchase and support any music you do. Why? Because YOU ARE AN ARTIST FIRST.



Creative Director