Is Atlanta The New Hollywood?

Could it be that Atlanta is the new Hollywood? Excuse me—The new Black Hollywood?  Or is it just me that has noticed the slew of artists, actors and directors jumping on the midnight train to Georgia? After reading much of the recent entertainment news inside Ebony magazine and tuning into Access Hollywood daily, I’m convinced.

It is true that most of the new films and television shows are being produced in the dirty south known as Hotlanta. We all know that Director/Actor Tyler Perry has locked down Atlanta while holding the key since opening up his very own mega studio there in 2008. Most directors (besides Tyler Perry) are able to film in Atlanta, one because of the lower cost of living compared to cities like New York and Los Angeles, making it quite budget friendly for producers. So who’s making this city sizzle to be the new Hollywood? See who’s on the list… You’ll be quite surprised. Or will you?

  Stacey A. Littlejohn


” You always see Los Angeles and New York portrayed on television. I wanted to show Atlanta and all the up and coming people who are doing it big there. It  feels good to be around so many Black people. Whenever we’re there, it feels like home.


             Terri J. Vaughn


“Atlanta offered me an opportunity to be a part of events on a different level. I know the key players in town and feel like I’m a vital part of the movement here.”

Terri J. Vaughn revealed three years ago about being nervous to leave Hollywood behind. Once she left she landed a role on Perry’s “Meet The Browns”. 

 After lots of networking she and her producing film partner sold several projects to be taken on in Atlanta. “A Cross To Bear” based on the screenplay written by Cas Sigers Beedles and Vaughn aired as a television movie on GMC February 18th. It is a story about redemption.

She now has a gig called “The Green Room Actor’s Lounge that offers a variety of classes by industry professionals.


Black Entertainment Television was first based in DC.

Three years ago the company headed to Atlanta to jump-start the new show called Sunday Best” hosted by Kirk Franklin and the late-night “Mo’Nique” Show. After that the network followed up with The Game”, “Let’s Stay Together”, and “Reed Between The Lines”.


Chef Gerry Garvin


A high- profile chef better known as G. Garvin.

After spending twenty years inside of some of LA’s hottest restaurants, including his own, he decided to relocate back to Atlanta to kickstart his new projects.

One is called Studio Kitchen Atlanta. A place where people can film cooking lessons and shows, host dinner parties, and set up photo shoots.

Garvin will also be opening up three restaurants at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, preparing for his new Cooking Channel series called Road Trip With G. Garvin, and developing a show for HBO.

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Rainforest Films owned by the duo Will Packer (producer) and Rob Hardy

This duo has been filming in the south way before Hollywood started to migrate there.

They are  known for making hot films like The Gospel, Stomp The Yard, Trios and many more. Currently Think Like A Man that’s due out April 20th is on their roster as well.