Be A Healthy Blonde

by Ms. Nycole

Can blondes have more fun? Celebrity stylist Kim Kimble, who’s also the personal mane pro for singer Mary J. Blige and Beyonce shares tips on how to care for your golden hue:

  • Opt for multiple tones—the final color will look more natural due to the multi-dimensional effect!

  • Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to help provide your hair with moisture and prevent the color from fading.

  • Sleep on silk/satin pillow to help keep hair from drying.  Moisture is key when maintaining a vibrant blonde hue.

 Sexy songstress Keri Hilson is always at the forefront of the hottest hair fashions.

 Going platinum is not for everyone, but Amber Rose has proven it works well on her. The model/vixen’s short crop turns heads and her bright blonde hair color inspires us to get her signature copy.

 Ciara’s new blonde look

Rihanna the trendsetter who’s known for transforming her for hair took it up another notch. Wearing her beautiful blonde hair extra long for 2012.