What Some Brothers Are Saying About You

by Ms. Nycole

Okay, I must admit it feels good when someone is checking you out eyeing every inch of your body that you worked very hard for and feel good about. Not only does it boost our self esteem so does the hair.  As soon as we step out the beauty shop we feel oh so fabulous!

Or how about when we hit up the city and bright lights laid out in our sharpest gear from head to toe?! Ohhh and let’s not forget about that freshly done pedicure with that cute color we fell in love with and dying to show off our feet in those brand new sexy open toed shoes we bought at Macy’s. Or wherever we got the hook up.

But what is it about a woman that makes a man do a double take? What captures his attention? What is it that sets off the real beauty of a woman in a man’s eye?

We put together a few recent quotes given by some well known brothers in entertainment. So if you’re ever wondering what’s on his mind while peepin’ out you and all of yo’ hotness, well the brothers have spoken. See what they have to say about what they find sexy and attractive in women.