Sleek Sophistication

by K. Danyelle

Sleek Sophistication

From the runways straight to your wardrobe. This spring season it’s all about being fit, sleek and sexy. The clean, minimalist look has been a huge hit on the runways especially for Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci for this 2012 spring season collection. Without all the prints, graffiti, retro bright colors the look is toned down with simplicity by using pale neutrals, beige and solid soft colors. The style can be catered for the business savvy woman who wants to wear her boyfriend’s suit.  But in a sexy way.  Picture tailored loose pants or shorts, topped off  with a formfitting crisp button up collared shirt (slightly open if you choose) and a blazer draped with a large oversized statement necklace to bring this elegant look to life.  Remember, less is always more.

1. Bebe 2012 Spring Collection

2. Helmet Lang Blazer

3. Givenchy Shark Tooth Necklace

4. Givenchy 2012 Spring Collection

5.Emporio Collection