Communicating With Your Stylist

By Carl Watkins

Whether you’re going to the same stylist for several years, or going to one for the first time, communication is key. Just as important as it is for the stylist to ask many questions, it’s equally as important for the client to do the same. On one hand there are instances when you’ve been serviced by your regular stylist for many years and a certain level of trust and confidence is established.While that is important your hair care needs may have changed. Talk to your stylist and let them know.

It could be something as simple as you desiring to let your hair grow out and your stylist, being accustomed to your regular routine,  probably assumes you’re content and not wanting to change.  Or maybe you want a short edgy cut with a hint of new color. Hair stylists attempt to meet all of their clients needs by getting to know them and their hair. However, we are no mind readers.Over the years I’ve discovered that 90% percent of the time when a client leaves a stylist, it’s because of communication issues.

I constantly stress to my clients to please let me know if any aspect of their service is undesirable. Still, it’s  really, really important for you to open that line of communication. Talk to us.

Believe me when I say it is crucial for seasoned stylists to retain and maintain a regular clients list. Avoiding a high turnover is the key. Most of my clients have been coming to me since I opened and I’m sure that it’s because the lines of communication are always clear. If by some chance you have tried to talk to your stylist. but to no avail, then I suggest you move on to another stylist that makes you feel comfortable and is willing to listen. Remember you are the single most important commodity to that person and you should be treated in that manner.

Now for those of you that are shopping for a new stylist or are relocating to a new area it can be somewhat of a hit or miss process.  Be patient and in most cases give the stylist more than one chance. Although it’s very important for you to have some definite style ideas in mind be realistic in your expectations and allow the hair care professional to guide you with their input.  Remember, this stylist is meeting you for the first time, and should be eager to please you.

Things to pay attention to are, the stylist asking what your finished look should be and what types of styles do you prefer.  Also don’t be hesitant to let the stylist know what your experience has been like in the past.  Never hold those bad experiences against the new stylist. If you do, the two of you will never meet on even ground and  there will always be an issue with your hair.  Remember, this is a relationship. One that has to build.  By doing so normally leads to a beautiful history between client and stylist.

Carl Watkins,