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High Tops

by K. Danyelle

High tops are big this year. I remember back in the 90’s when girls and boys were rocking the hottest brands of colorful basketball shoes from Nike to Adidas. If you didn’t you were considered out of fashion. It’s amazing how trends repeat themselves.

Today, not only are the young kids wearing the funkiest and most colorful kicks they can find but the grown and sexy crowd are too falling in step. As much as the trends are constantly changing they remain firmly rooted in the same.  The streets have spoken and designers are bringing  it all back  to the runway by mixing old and new.

Upgraded designs splashed with vivid colors and different textures are sexy enough for a night out or mashing it up in the club.  Peep where the streets and the runway meet.

Marc By Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc By Marc Jacobs

“Attitude Logo” Adidas High top


Ash “Bea” High Top

“Attitude Logo” Adidas High top

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