CB’s Class Act Salon

by Shon Lomax

It gives ARTA great pleasure to bring CB’s Class Act Salon to the forefront. Not only is it like family but because it has prepped many stylists to be the best in the business. Many great stylists have ventured out and made a name for themselves, starting out in this very special place.

There are many salons that cater to our every need by offering blow outs, extensions, cheap deals, amazing cuts and color, a great social environment, loud music, or relaxation. But CB’s Class Act Salon in Winston-Salem, North Carolina takes it too a whole notha level. For 20 years now, owner Carl Watkins and his superb team of stylists have proved their staying power by being on top of their game, listening to their customers and keeping their eyes focused on the latest in hair trends.

The name alone says magic. Recent graduates of  Dudley’s and stylists with established clientele flock here to stand behind the next available chair. Carl Watkins, the owner and operator, offers a place of luxury, sophistication while providing the best services in North Carolina. He took a moment in between appointments to speak with ARTA about owning the salon and the very special treatments CB’s has to offer.

How long has CB’s Class Act been established?    CB’s Class Act Hair Salon has been established since November of 1989 and has been in the same location for that entire time.

What are the pros of being a salon owner?   Owning a salon is hard work. Especially when maintaining a certain standard for yourself, clients and staff. If your passion is really for this industry and you truly have a love for your business then just seeing clients and staff happy hands down is very rewarding.

Which is more important? Having a stylist who fits into the salon culture but has no client base or having a stylist with a large clientele that generates a lot of income but doesn’t fit into the salon atmosphere?  After being in the business 20 plus years, I can easily answer that question. I will always take a “newbie”. That’s what I call a stylist that doesn’t have the client base, but has the potential to grow based on craft, personality, and the drive to want to build a clientele. Atmosphere is everything to the success of a salon.  Even long-time clients can tell when someone isn’t a good fit for the salon.

What type of services does CB’s Class Act offer? What would you say is your number one service that your salon does the most?  While we may not be a full service salon we are a great service salon. We don’t offer nail services presently but we do offer stylist highly skilled in cutting, coloring, relaxers and keratin treatments with a lot of emphasis on healthy hair. Our number one service are extensions. We offer many methods of hair extensions to meet the many needs of clients, and industry changing trends.

Does your salon deal with every texture of hair?   Yes. I would say we attempt to service everyone that comes in the door. I believe that every texture of hair is beautiful. By having a diverse staff we can service a broad spectrum of clients.

You have seen a lot of trends being set in the business of hair. From celebrity hair styles, hair magazines, hair shows etc. What would you say your signature trend is for CB’s?  Soft hair is our niche. Doesn’t matter if it’s short or long.  We like movement and a natural shine for the hair.

How do you keep up with the trends?    Lots of reading and looking at magazines. It doesn’t hurt to pay attention to the television also for styling ideas. Of course we do attend many of the international beauty shows which also keeps us in the loop.

What are some of your favorite hair products?    I have many favorite products but its also about getting most out of a product line. I love Straight Request products and Paul Mitchell. We call those the work horse product lines because there is a product in both lines for every texture of hair.

Any tips for the colored, relaxed or textured hair?   Moisture, moisture, moisture. I cannot emphasize that enough. Find a product that gives a good balance between moisture and protein. Keep those ends trimmed. I know for many clients that’s a hard task, but regular trims really keeps the hair healthy.

How often should a client book a service with you or your staff at CB’s?   While I know in these economic times its hard to see your stylist regularly, we like to see clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. That way we can keep their tresses in top shape. We find its far less costly for a client to keep their hair maintained and healthy, than to have to correct damaged hair from lack of attention from a professional stylist.

by Shon Lomax