On To The Next One

By Shon Lomax

Look  familiar? I’m gonna say yes for the sake of the obvious. There are a few on this list that I’ve been struggling to check off for years now. Generally I pride myself on never resolving to do in one day what should be concentrated on throughout the year. Easier said than done.

In walks life and all its ups and downs. Whether at work or at home, temptations abound to sidetrack us from our goals. No matter how good our intentions. From those never-ending food platters at work because it’s always somebody’s birthday to the gym membership that has now collected dust while you continue to pay monthly fees. There always seems to be something standing in the way.

We’ve all been there. Putting our best foot forward while contemplating yet another red devil cupcake. It’s okay. Ease up on yourself. But most importantly don’t believe the hype. Ignore the slew of celebrity endorsed commercials promoting weight loss. Instead find healthier alternatives to the foods that you enjoy eating while targeting those that are absolutely detrimental to your progress. Snapping up that gym membership because a coworker told you that there was an employee discount involved is sometimes not the way to go either.  I’ve had my share of memberships and realized that I only had them because everyone else did. Not because I liked going. Instead find an activity that you enjoy doing and get moving.

Eating right and working out always seems to be at the top of everyone’s list. So let’s shorten it. That’s right. Cut it in half. Pick three things that are truly important to you and will prove life changing. Commit to working on each one every day. Carve out small pockets of time daily to accomplish these goals to avoid feeling overwhelmed. In other words, take baby steps. Don’t compare yourself to others. Find what works for you. Stick to your plan. We’ve all spent many years on some sort of emotional rollercoaster as a result of feeling dissatisfied with ourselves. Time to step off…for good.

By Shon Lomax