Black Barbie For 2012

Ms. Nycole

I came across this article over the holidays and wanted to share it with our readers for the new year.  Maybe you aren’t aware but there is a new Barbie doll movement. We’re all familiar with the old Ken and Barbie having the long straight hair.

A group of natural hair women located in Columbus, GA, got together and decided to revamp that old Barbie image.  By adding textured, kinky,  funky big ethnic hair looks to each doll they’ve created images that every young African-American woman can relate too. There are at least forty different looks that cater to the black experience.

These beautiful dolls will be given out as a special gift to young women who reside in the Booker T. Washington public housing complex located in Columbus, GA.

Congrats to these ladies for finding another way to change the face of history. Good luck!  If you’re reading this please contact us. ARTA would love to do a full interview.

-Ms. Nycole