Sylvester Bailey

150099_726550979414_269047546_nSylvester Bailey

(Stylist and Partner of All Dolled up Salons and ADU School of Cosmetology located in Deerfield, Fla)

Team B.A.I.L.E.Y. loves to bring in the holiday season with curls. Our winter trend will consist of lots of rod and spiral sets to jump off the festivities.  Reds and browns will be used to capture the spirit of Christmas and the natural winter texture. Look to highlight with reds and enjoy a few awesome curly hair days.


Model : Shayla Wilson-Graves , Make Up: Paris, Photographer: Cendino Teme , Hair : B.A.I.L.E.Y.
Model : Yonide Previl , Make Up: Jennifer Petion, Photographer: Cendino Teme , Hair : B.A.I.L.E.Y.

Surviving the Winter

Winter is here. Not only has the weather changed but so has your hair and scalp. You may notice a significant change in terms of dryness. The good news is that your hair styles may seem to hold a curl a lot better and frizz a lot less due to the lack of humidity. This makes the perfect opportunity to go with extremely straight or super curly styles!

Naturalistas definitely need to stay moisturized. This is also the perfect time for salon professional deep protein and moisture treatments. You will really see an impact in this type of weather because the colder climate will help seal in moisture treatments needed in this dry air season.

Keep Frizz Away

Frizzy hair is one of the worst things about the winter’s dryness (think static cling, hat hair . . . ew!) Stop the problem before it begins. I love anti-frizz products and swear by them during the winter. My favorite is Design Essentials Silk Essentials an anti-frizz silk styling aid applied to towel-dried, damp hair. Still frizz-tastic? Spray a small amount of Design Essentials Form Dry Hair Spray or another strong-old finishing spray on a hairbrush, and lightly brush it through your hair from top to bottom. Voila!