Chic Hair

Nioyoka Glover

525876_4633145596434_430734429_nNioyoka Glover

(Natural Hairstylist, Loctian & Cosmetician Atlanta, Ga)

If you’re going to any Christmas or New Year’s parties, a beautiful upsweep like Janelle Monae’s,or a full sew-in weave will work just fine. Be sure to massage the scalp with essential oils because that will keep the blood circulating and the scalp soft and flexible. A great product to use around this season is Shea Butter and Coco Butter because they are great emollients to use which draws moisture from the air to your hair.


If you have extremely long locks of hair and you’re thinking, “What can I give someone who’s in need?”  How about cutting at least 6-12 inches of your hair and donating it? Locks of Love is an organization that accepts human hair for the purpose of making wigs for needy children.  Helping cancer patients is a sincere gift of gratitude. This holiday season should be very eventful. Try to devote most of your time and energy towards the spirit of  giving, family, friends and to those who are less fortunate.





Winter Tips

  •  I recommend shampooing and conditioning the mane about once every 2-3 weeks. Try not to shampoo your hair once a week during the winter season because you want your scalp to produce natural oils.
  • Make sure to rinse conditioner out in COOL water. This helps to close the hair follicles and scalp pores.
  • Give yourself a hot oil treatment along with shampoos. It adds a great protective barrier for the hair.
  • The best styles for winter are full voluptuous hair styles such as roller/rod sets, twist outs, kinky/curly styles like Diana Ross and Chaka Khan.


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