Carl Watkins

img_1114-1 Carl Watkins

(Stylist/Owner of CB’s Class Act Winston -Salem, North Carolina)

The holidays are quickly approaching and this is a great time to try new things with your hair. For many this may mean a corporate work party, or an intimate celebration with friends and family. If you’re looking for a more formal style and you don’t normally opt for an updo this a perfect time to try it.

Not the tight firm up do from the past, but a more modern spin on it. This can be achieved by your stylist adding soft curls with a styling wand or curling iron, then sweeping the up in a very deconstructed manner, while shoving hair pins in a random manner. This gives the illusion of a shorter look without having to cut.  And if you’re wearing a dress that’s strapless, why not? This will show off the details of the dress.

Try These Chic Up Dos

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There are also other great styling alternatives. This a perfect time to try that new color you’ve been wanting. Instead of getting your entire head colored try some highlights. Maybe two similar shades that frame your face.  Remember it is winter time, so make the highlights a warmer shade. Copper and warm blonde always compliment each other.



Your stylist knows best when it comes to color combinations for your complexion. If wanting to try something new but don’t want the commitment of permanent color, try some clip in hair pieces. This is a great option because not only can you change color, but length also. You can initially have your stylist customize the clips for you, then you can remove them when you’re ready and reuse at anytime. Whether you opt for the modern updo or a hint of new color be a little daring and try it. This could be your new look for the New Year!