Which Conditioner Should I Use??

By Tara Copeland

Are you using the right conditioner? There are so many to choose from it’s hard to know what’s the right one for your hair. When in doubt here’s a list that will make the choosing easier.    

Mositurizing conditioners

The purpose: A moistuirizing conditioner replenishes moisture the hair is lacking. It can also add sheen to the hair.

Who should use it? Anyone who has dry, brittle, dehydrated hair.

How should I use it? You should use only a quarter size amount. Just enough to coat the strands of hair.

Volumizing Conditioners

The purpose:  A volumizer conditioner is intended to add height, fullness and thickness to the hair. It can help create volume in the hair shaft.

Who should use it? This conditioner is for women with fine limp hair strands who wishes to have more thickness added to the hair strands.

How should I use it? A quarter-sized amount should do. Some volumizing conditioners have a time limit from 5-15 minutes to absorb the product.

Protein Conditioners

The purpose: Protein conditioners add protein that the hair strands are lacking. The protein helps to rebuild the elasticity by strengthening and giving the nutrients that the hair needs.

Who should use it? The is great for chemically treated hair. Anyone who uses color, relaxers or texturizers.

How should I use it? This product is an in salon service treatment. I recommend getting a protein treatment by a professional once a month. You will know the product is working when the hair isn’t prone to breakage and the strands are more stronger than usual. Too much of protein usage can result in dry damaged, brittle hair that is prone to breakage.

Deep conditioners

The purpose: Deep conditioners are used for weak over processed hair that restores the PH balance in your hair that comes from too much chemical treatments, relaxing, coloring and too much heat.

Who should use it? Anyone and everyone can benefit from this service. It doesn’t hurt to give your strands some love.

How should I use it? This conditioner should be used in conjunction after every chemical service or every 6 to 8 weeks under a dryer. One of my favorite tricks in the books that I mention to every client. “If you have Gym or spa member ship you can sit in the steam room and let the conditioner penetrate while you relax”.  If you don’t a hot steamed towel wrapped around your hair will do just fine for 15 minutes. Then rinse.

Color-Safe Conditioners

The Purpose:  It is used to keep the longevity of your color without stripping.

Who should use it? Anyone who has a cellophane, rinse, permanent or semi-permanent color.

How should I use it? Apply a quarter sized amount and let it sit for 5-10 minutes then rinse.

Leave-In Conditioners

The purpose: It will help add moisture and protect your strands.

Who should use it? Anyone and Everyone!

How should I use it? This should be applied evenly on wet hair and DO NOT RINSE OUT.

By Tara Copeland