Salon Savings On A Budget

By Tara Copeland

With the recession and the holidays approaching spending money can become overwhelming at times. So I decided it would be nice to give you a stocking stuffer of savings for this season and some future tips on maintaining your coif on a budget. I recently talked about salon savings earlier this year in Sophisticate’s Black Hair magazine.  I’d like to reintroduce that article again for ARTA. Here I discuss how to save and keep your hair up for only a few coins. So here are my tips for you.

Salon Savings Step 1:   Let’s Make A Deal

Enticing you to become a new client at a salon, or with a new stylist, can sometimes lead to special discounts.  Promotions are key to saving beaucoup bucks.  “Look for salon promotions,” suggests Los Angeles, CA, pro hairstylist Tara Copeland, whose work is featured on

“Salons−particularly on days that tend to be slower like Mondays and Tuesdays−usually do promotions around that time.” In addition to scheduling your appointment during off-peak times. Copeland, suggests checking to see if the salon is having a special on a new color that’s coming out or a new chemical or conditioner. “They could be offering specials on shampoos, relaxers, haircuts-general maintenance that women need to keep looking good.” 

You might score a two-for-one service. Check with your salon or your stylist to see when they are offering promotions for the best deals on products and services.

You can also try a more unconventional way to save some cash: volunteer as a hair model for your salon.  Some salons put together collections of hairstyles to feature in places like magazines, for their Web sites, advertisements, or to use in hair shows. 

Tip 1: Look for salon promotions

Tip 2: Check in with your salon for package deals

Tip 3:  Become a model for stylist advertisements

Salon Savings Step 2:  Service Essentials

 A number of products are available on the market that help make at-home styling effortless and provide you with a perfectly fashionable coif. “If you’re okay with buying a box of relaxer, then they do have relaxers that are available over the counter,” says style pro Copeland.  To minimize the risks of damage, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It can’t help to seek out the advice of your stylist to help you find the right product to suit your needs.

 However, Copeland warns that, “If something happens in the process where you over process you hair, then that’s when you’re going to end up spending more money to correct what you’ve done at home.”  But, if you don’t have the time or the skill to try relaxing at home, there are ways to save on a relaxer service.  

Part of the process is taking care of the hair in between each chemical application. “Your stylist has the ability to diagnose what relaxer is going to be better for you.” says Copeland. “If someone is on a tight budget and they need to keep their relaxer up, I would suggest budgeting to get your relaxer done with your stylist and then do the maintenance—your shampoos, conditioner, setting your hair—at home.  Talk to your stylist and purchase the [maintenance] products that she’s using and you can do it at home.

Tip 1:  Purchase at home products 

Tip 2:  Keep all your chemical services with a professional when it time for retouches.

Tip 3:  Purchase in salon retail products that is used to maintain at home.

Salon Savings Step 3:  The Right Cut

While you may master the art of coif design, when it comes to cutting hair, you are better off heading to the salon. Timing is everything when it comes to stretching your dollar on haircuts or trims.  “You could go, depending on how fast you hair grows, once every six weeks.” says Copeland.  “After that, you can do the maintenance at home.

Without all the bells and whistles—like shampooing, conditioning and styling—getting a pro cut can be within your beauty budget.

Tip 1: Get a professional haircut

Tip 2: Maintain your professional haircut every 6 to 8 weeks

Tip 3: Maintain your professional haircut and style at home using professional salon products recommended for you until you’re due for your next cut.

Anyone who knows me as well as all my clients know that I firmly believe in getting the right, funky, sophisticated cut for you. It will do wonders! Hope you’ve enjoyed this article and happy holidays!

-Tara Copeland