The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

Selah Marley, 12. Model,singer. Daughter of singer/MC Lauryn Hill. Granddaughter of reggae superstar Bob Marley. Selah is definitely on everyone's "Young Stars To Watch" list. She is refreshingly down to earth and yes, extremely talented. In case you had to wonder.
By Shon Lomax

Set your star watch on the offspring of some of the biggest celebrities in film and music. Ya’ll know what time it is. Most got their start solely based on their parents achievements. A little nepotism can go along way if it’s packaged correctly. So who in this bunch has real staying power? Perhaps even carving out a career that outshines mom or dad.

George Orwell once said, Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past. Only time will tell which one of these youngsters will be at the helm one day.

Diggy Simmons, 16. Rapper. Son of Joseph "Run" Simmons, a member of the iconic rap group RUN-DMC. Nephew of music and media mogul Russell Simmons. Diggy is head of the class with his individually dope style and entrepreneurial aspirations.
Willow Smith,11 and Jaden Smith,13 are both actors and singers. Actor and box office king Will Smith and fellow actress and director Jada Pinkett Smith are their parents. Willow is wildly independent while Jaden is recognizably witty. Let's just say "it's in their genes".
Zoe Kravitz, 22. Actress,singer and model. Daughter of rock god Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet. The sky is hardly the limit for this nouveau flower child.
Christopher "CJ" Wallace, 14. Actor. Son of singer Faith Evans and rapper Christopher "Biggie" Wallace. Young Christopher is handsomely smart in interviews and clearly focused on his acting career. Biggie would be proud.
Niko McKnight, 18 and Brian Mcknight Jr., 21 are singers and musicians in the band BRKN RBTZ. Their father is R&B crooner Brian Mcknight. Claude Mcknight, the founding member of a capella group Take 6, is their uncle. These brothers are like night and day in terms of style and fashion. But are always on the same page when it comes to music.