A Look Back With Teen Summit’s First Host

If there were no Teen Summit there would be no 106 and Park. If there were no Lisa Johnson-Smith there would be no Ananda Lewis, Free or Rosci.

Lisa Johnson-Smith was BET’s very first host of Teen Summit from 1989-1990 (until leaving the show) along with BET’s Posse who started the jump off and the rest followed continuing to hold the fort down. Without Teen Summit or Lisa Johnson-Smith we would never have been introduced to the new young females that bring us the latest issues in our community or hip hop culture today.

Lisa Johnson-Smith(below)

BET created something big in the 90’s that would stay with us forever … Teen Summit.  It broke  down doors for unsigned talent (most who are successful because of Teen Summit) in the form of hosts who discussed the latest news with teens in our culture that affected young adults. Presenting topics that our teachers, parents, or best friends could talk with us about. This show gave a voice to teen issues, opinions and concerns. By rewarding us with money toward our education it encouraged us to achieve and succeed.  Every Saturday we’d tune in to see the beautiful and intelligent hosts while relating to the posse on the panel.

If we didn’t have  Teen Summit and host Lisa Johnson-Smith would we  have  ever seen this channel grow with all the young talented women and men of color today? Giving us the latest news feed on our young culture? On every college campus? At every major event around the country?

Thank you BET for bringing us Teen Summit. You impacted us in a positive way by allowing us to be a part of your show. Giving us an opportunity to be seen and heard in a positive light.  Will we ever see this type of program again? Let’s hope so.

By the way, has anyone seen Lisa Johnson-Smith lately?  We’d love to talk to her. If so tell her ARTA wants an interview!