Vibe…On Heavy

Dwight A. Myers better known as Heavy D
By Shon Lomax

While at work yesterday, a cat passed by me and asked if I had heard that Heavy D. had died.  Of course I hadn’t. The news of his sudden passing literally stopped me in my tracks. My first thought was, “Damn we lost another one”. Immediately I was saddened at the thought of losing yet another talented person who’d contributed greatly to hip hop. Not to mention bridging the gap between pop and hip hop by collaborating with some of music’s biggest stars. Ya’ll know who I’m talkin’ about. No need for a list.  

A pioneer. A legend. In deed. Before Biggie there was Heavy. Back in the day I was a huge fan of Heavy D & The Boyz. I never really paid attention to his weight because the cat was just smooth and always in step with his dancers. He brought a whole new freshness to the game with dope lyrics free of profanity, possessing an instant charm that rang true with the ladies. As the young kids would say today, SWAG.

I still remember the A Different World episode that Heavy D & The Boyz appeared on and Whitley had no idea that he was famous. Talk about hilarious.

Heavy D & The Boyz

It was only a few weeks ago that I was watching him perform on BET’s Hip Hop Awards. Truly a nostalgic moment and one of the few highlights of the show. It seems we only remember people once they’ve passed. I don’t think it’s intentional. I believe that we are so busy with our own lives that sometimes we hardly take notice of others. I’m not just talking about celebrities either. People in general. Our friends and love ones. Take a moment to let the people in your life know that you love them and recognize their accomplishments.

All of my memories associated with Heavy D. or anything that’s related to ol’ school hip hop always brings a smile to my face. He was part of a great era of music. His smile was infectious. His style beyond fly. Whether he was gettin’ us outta our seats to The Overweight Lover’s in the House or smoothin’ out the vibe with Black Coffee, his talent was undeniable. He will be sorely missed. That’s peace

May 24, 1967 – November 8, 2011