Getting To Know Your Hair Part 2

By Tara Copeland


Characteristics:   This texture is very tightly coiled in a zig zag pattern that is different from VERY COILED. This hair texture looks and feel like soft cotton but can also be very coarse. The hair is restricted in movement with little stretch. The raised cuticle causes the hair to be prone with frizziness, lacking in hydration, knotting and tangling.

Celebs with this hair type:  Grace Jones,  Cicily Tyson,  Roshumba Williams , Bianca Golden and Alek Wek.

Styling Tips:  Tightly coiled hair is great for natural styling like coils, twists, two strand twists, locs (this state is great for those wanting locs)

Product Recommendations: This hair needs a plethora of humectants, moisturizers, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. DO NOT USE protein or reconstructive mask treatments. This will cause the hair to become extremely dry, very hard and brittle that will cause breakage. Super Sudsy Shampoo by Miss Jessie’s and KeraCare Humectant conditioner is a great cocktail for this hair texture. I highly recommend using leave-in conditioners, essential oils,  shea butter and steam treatments.  



Characteristics:  This hair has more of a loose ringlet as to VERY CURLY hair that has an S shape.  The hair grows down away from the scalp then forms a curl. This hair texture is prone to frizz and can lose moisture. It has the ability to hold curls (when styling) and can easily go from curly to straight.

Celebs With This Hair Type:  Corrinne Bailey Rae, Rhianna and Thandie Newton.

Styling Tips:  Think carefree and easy-going. Light weight products should be used to maintain movement with bounce and to control any frizz.

Product Recommendations:  Aveda Dry Remedy Shampoo and Aveda Shampure Conditioner  this will retain moisture in the hair. Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep smoothes, fights frizz and protects hair from heat when styling. Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid great to use on wet or dry hair to eliminate frizz while adding shine.



Characteristics:  Smooth skin, no visible hair pattern, shadow effect of hair, and cut very close to the skin.

Celebs With This Hair Type:  Michelle Ndegeocello, India Arie, Amber Rose, Chrisette Michele, Sidra Smith (twin sister of actress Tasha Smith), Frenchie Davis (from American Idol and The Voice) and Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart from the group Floetry (shown above and below).


Styling Tips: Easy breezy! Pomades and natural bristle brushes are great for keeping the hair laid and smooth. When maintaining this look I recommend keeping the hair cut every one to two weeks. In between that you can rock funky hats or scarves if the mood hits you.

Product Recommendations:  Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner  by Carols Daughter, will cleanse and stimulate the scalp. Hair Balm by Carols Daughter is great for nourishing the scalp. Foaming Pomade by Paul Mitchell will add shine and moisture. Murray’s Superior Hair Pomade will add shine and control the hair to stay in place.

By Tara Copeland