Getting To Know Your Hair

By Tara Copeland


Characteristics:  Very curly hair has strong defined s-shaped curls and forms distinctive loopy coils. This texture can be thin or thick and have combinations of textures. The hair can also create volume or have minimum volume. This texture has stretch and can bounce back.  It is likely to frizz and tangle.

Celebs with this hair type:  Alicia Keys, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tracy Ellis Ross.

Styling Tips:  Styling is a breeze for this texture with the right enhancing products. This texture has the ability to be styled curly, wavy or straight. Leave-in conditioners and curl enhancing crèmes work wonderfully.

Product recommendations:  A great nourishing, moisture-filled shampoo like Miss Jessie’s Super Slip Sudsy shampoo and Creme of Nature Chamomile Comfrey Healing Conditioner.  A light gloss or emollient, as well as a light hairdressing cream, will maintain shine and moisturize the hair.



Characteristics:  Coiled, “over-zealous” gives the eye a sense of frenzy and excitement—it’s the ultimate texture for shape. It can be thin-to thick or a combination.  It’s likely to be compact with less movement and tends to frizz and tangle. Keep it nourished and well-moisturized.

Celebs with this hair type:  Leela James, Esperanza Spalding and Yaya Dacosta.

Styling Tips:  Coiled hair looks great when worn tight. Try rocking mid-length coiled hair with wet styling; as the hair dries you’ll get a range of curl patterns that creates a piecey, undone natural finish for a softer side of edgy. For long hair (coiled) the less done the funkier the better.

Product recommendations:  KeraCare Natural Textures Leave-in conditioner and DermOrganics Leave in Hair treatment Oil.



Characteristics:  This hair type is quite compact and therefore has minimal movement and swing. It is definitely susceptible to frizz. The hair grows in directions that twist and turns causing the cuticle to raise which results in maximum secretion of natural moisture; creating dryness, frizz and breakage.

Celebs with this hair type:  Jill Scott, Solange Knowles, and Erykah Badu.

Styling Tips:  There are multiple styling options with this hair type like braiding and twisting. You can even flip it from curly to straight for a sleek blowout but be sure to use products that restore moisture and sheen.

Product recommendations:  Moisture! Moisture! Moisture!  Care for this hair type with moisturizing shampoos and conditioners such as Mizani Moisturfusion Hair Bath and Silk Creme Conditioner, KeraCare Hydrating Detangling shampoo and Humecto Creme Conditioner, which will help to replenish lost moisture an restore natural balance.  Leave -in conditioners like Mizani D’Tangle and KeraCare Natural Textures Leave -In conditioner are great that will allow the hair to become soft and manageable. Avoid products containing large amounts of alcohols and affixants as the tend to dry out the hair. If you decide to have a straight blow out or sleek look, use Mizani Supreme Oil or DermOrganics leave in treatment oil. 



Characteristics:  This hair can be a little tricky. Not all wavy hair is coarse. Even some may think so. The hair appears thicker because of its strong deep wave but is actually fine. This hair texture is prone to create great volume as it tends to be more on the drier side and frizzy.

Celebs With This Hair Type:  Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Salma Hayek.

Styling Tips:  The best and easy way to work with this texture is to wet the hair first to gain control of the natural hair wave and let the hair dry naturally. Or diffuse the hair. You can add product on your hands/fingers to style.

Product recommendations:   Glass drops by Paul Mitchell. This will help fight frizz and create radical shine. Matrix Curl Life Conturing Creme shapes the curl, moisturizes, and controls frizz.  Redken Ringlet is great for air drying or diffusing hair.



Characteristics:  This hair is very shiny and in control. Not prone to frizz.

Celebs With This Hair Type:  Lucy Liu, Aaliyah and Naomi Campbell.

Styling Tips:  Sleek straight looks, loosely designed ponytails and creative twists.

Product recommendations:  Someone with this hair type can have overactive sebaceous hair glands that can cause the hair to become oily . Using clarifying shampoos such as KeraCare 1st lather , Mizani Purifying and Dry shampoos (this works well)  will allow the hair to move freely and fresh.

by Tara Copeland