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Lashes! Lashes! Lashes!

 -By K. Danyelle

Lashes are extremely hot right now. The fuller the better. MAC has launched a new mascara called “False Lashes”. The mascara is fashionably designed to give you a false look. 


-By K. Danyelle

4 thoughts on “Lashes! Lashes! Lashes!

  1. False Lash Mascara seems to be the trend right now, I hope it works! I tried the one by Maybelline and it was a big disappointment 😦 Actual false lashes seem to be the only way for me to get the super thick and bold look I love…maybe this mascara will change that.

      • I found this tutorial rlaley useful, I have just recently discovered your site and I am loving it! I had the same question as the other lady, but I also wondered if you do decide to keep them on overnight .how do you take off the rest of your makeup? Or do you sleep with it as well.Speaking of taking off make up, what is your preferred brand/method? I love wearing makeup but I think taking it off can be a drag! THanks for all your awesome tips and tutorials!!

  2. Hi Brinlee! I usually only wear them for a day (sometimes two if you sleep on your back The Duo glue is deigsned not to pull your lashes out, so don’t worry about that! WHen you pull them off it never should hurt. Let me know how it goes!

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