Who Wants $500?

Tired of the same old jeans? Need a new fix on denim? Before you trash your jeans, donate them to Goodwill or decide to sell them on Ebay, how about giving them away for a good cause?  Volcom Jeans has a give back series called “Give Jeans A Chance” denim donations for the homeless.

The deal is for you to drop off any pair of denim jeans or jacket in wearable and good condition at a local participating store and you will be entered in a chance to win a trip for two to visit Volcom HQ in California, be a part of the GJAC donation event plus $500 in Volcom gear!

How sweet is that?! Go here for more information: http://www.volcom.com/givejeansachance

All jeans will be donated to a homeless shelter near all participating stores.

-Ryyan Hill