Nicole Richie And Others. Doing It MY Way. Period.

Ok. Just what we need. A break from all the rules in the fashion world! Who says you have to wear this or that? You either have style or you don’t.  After catching up with the latest issue of ELLE this month it was refreshing to see a spread of women who don’t conform to the fashion guide lines.  We are constantly reminded of what to do as a result of what we see on such tv shows like “What Not To Wear”, “The Fashion Police” o’ yeah and the “What’s Hot and What’s Not” fashion list.

In this months October issue of ELLE Magazine, ELLE picked their top 12 most stylish women to discuss their fashion secrets in the spread titled “FREE STYLE”. Here are the top 6 from their list. My favorite is Nicole Ritchie  rockin’ the 70s era.



-By Lucky


NICOLE RICHIE  Designer; pop-star progeny, 30               

“I’m extremely inspired by the ’60s and the ’70s. I really just love the freedom of that time, the idea that clashing didn’t really exist, and the mixture of fabrics, bold colors, and prints. That whole ease is something that I’m drawn to.” As quoted in October issue 2011 ELLE Magazine

MALIKA SAADA SAAR  Attorney; founder of the Rebecca Project For Human Rights, 40

“As a human rights lawyer, I’m very mindful of dressing in a manner that conveys strength. I choose the black suit, of course! With heels. And my hair in Bantu knots—or, as my daughter refers to them: ‘mommy’s swords and shields.”  As quoted in October 2011 issue ELLE magazine

FRANKIE RAYDER   Supermodel, 36                                                                                     

“I collect band tees from old punk groups or with designs by Raymond Pettibon, who did graphics for Black Flag. I don’t really pay for them; I’ve just acquired them from people over the years. I did steal one once, but I don’t think the person missed it.” As quoted in October issue 2011 ELLE magazine

CLAIBORNE SWANSON FRANK Fashion Photographer, 30             

“My style is American because it’s eclectic: part Bohemian, preppy, and tomboy. That’s what’s so cool about American style. We’re always pulling from different cultures and genres fro inspiration.” As quoted in October issue 2011 ELLE magazine


“My mother was a model in the ’60s, and I grew up looking at her photographs and tear sheets. That sleek mod aesthetic—the shape, the length—defined my idea of what a woman should look like.” As quoted in October issue 2011 ELLE magazine

RYE RYE  M.I.A. protégé; rapper, 20                  

“My music is fun and energetic, and my style matches. I like clothes to be cool, colorful, funky, and fresh. If it’s weird, I want to try it. Any time I wear jeans, my dad says, “You must be having a bad day.” As quoted in October issue 2011 ELLE magazine

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Whose style do you identify with the most? 

-By Lucky