To Be This, Or Not To Be That; Should Never Be The Question

By Shon Lomax

Early morning crawl. I am lost without my morning tea. Had to pull at this naggin’ thread. I’ve noticed a trend forming, brewing or possibly has always been there but gone unnoticed because of the many social networking distractions. I enjoy reading other blogs just as much as I enjoy contributing to ARTA CHIC. What I find refreshing about ARTA is their willingness to let the vibe flow. Never attempting to pen their readers down with useless jargon or confine their contributors to a one dimensional thought process. By doing this it allows everyone’s ideas to be considered and new platforms established.

I’m always a bit disheartened when I come across blogs that place an emphasis on catering to a certain sect of our community, intentionally disregarding the rest. Ya’ll know what I’m talkin’ about. The ones that say WE MUST only wear our hair a certain way, WE MUST only eat this, WE MUST only worship this way, WE MUST only listen to this artist and not that artist, ect., ect., ect.,  You see where I’m going with this. The list is so ridiculously long I fell asleep while typing this. So serious.

We must as a people stop imposing our belief systems on one another if we are unwilling to embrace another’s opinion or school of thought. A sista sportin’ a natural is no more informed than a sista who’s not. A cat rockin’ skinny jeans is no less hip hop than the brother on that loose-fittin’-oversized-denim vibe. And pleassssse stop with the bedsheet version of white tees. Had to sneek that one in. Judgement? No. Merely a personal observation of a trend I thought would have long passed by now. Early morning humor a bit lackluster. I’m in desperate need of my green tea with a splash of vanilla almond milk. Any takers?

Not sure if this entry is a snippet of  a series of articles soon to follow on why we as black people insist on flashing these invisible Licensed To Be Black cards. I’ve yet to see one with my name in print. But over the years I’ve found myself in the midst of these types of conversations that continuously pit us against each other while establishing no real points. It’s hard enough being black. Yes, I know, we’ve all heard this before. Therefore no need for me to expound any further. Wig toss to all the blogs out there informing and educating all. ‘Preciate ya’. Just remember that as much as it is your job to pass the vibe along it’s also your duty to consider another point of view.  It will make for a more fruitful conversation and remove the need to dismiss those people you feel you have nothing in common with because their practices, belief systems, eating habits or style of dress don’t mirror yours. That’s peace ya’ll.

– By Shon Lomax