White Wash Your Calendars

By Shon Lomax

Yes, boys and girls there really is a Santa Claus. Chances are he works the late shift at your local Wal-Mart stacking pallets while chain-smoking his way through yet another uneventful shift. Fists in the air now as we all scream, “Don’t believe the myth“. Feeling compelled place hype here. There are more tales to be told not so tall.

Not that we aren’t all just over the moon about seeing The Help. Really? Show of sighs if you’ve read the book with intent on seeing the movie? Crickets chirping. Loudly. Enough already. Yes, we’ll go see yet another movie about white people saving black people. Wrong story? White woman pens half-truths and spins a tale unrecognizable by the help? Sorry. Couldn’t help that one. Oops!  There it is again.

Besides the south with its deceptive mix of anguish and gentility rolled up neatly for your entertainment pleasure there are stories aplenty that give us greater dimension. Sans basketball.  Enter stage right Whitewash the documentary on black surfers. Surfers who are black. Black people in the water riding these oddly shaped pieces of wood without the assistance of one single white person. Black people who swim. Imagine that. Black people who paddle out, catch a wave and ride it til’ their heart is content. Speechless. I know. So were the white people working on production. Kidding. Not really.

I won’t bore you with the same dribble that seems to accompany this poster across the web. This documentary is narrated by Ben Harper along with Black Thought from The Roots and a slew of others.  Wig toss to Sal Masekela. Dig this cat for always being in the forefront of action sports. Giving visibility to the vibe. Ya’ heard.

You can read the official press release here www.whitewashmovie.com and peep the trailer below. Clickin’ my heels like Dorothy awaiting the October 4th DVD release. Anyone else?  Bueller…

– By Shon Lomax