Tracey Heggins Is No Ordinary Vamp

TraceyTraceyTracey.  All I can say is that I knew she would go far.

Tracey Heggins is, well, shall I say it? Always on to the next one.  Next project. Next commercial. You name it.  I can attest to how she’s been quietly shaping  herself into a brand. Not to mention doing so while rocking her short yet sassy cut way before the trend.

A round of applause is due for this down to earth sista who doesn’t remind us in every interview about the benefits of standing out from the rest of the acting herd. Don’t cha’ hate those types? She’s managed to do it with such ease that you almost lose sight of her striking features.  Having a gorgeous smile and skin that seems to hold a permanent glow she’s guaranteed to sell any ad. Then again Tracey’s always had that fire.  Discovered while working as an airline attendant a stranger suggested that she give modeling a consideration.  I’m guessing that was no coincidence.  Apply right place, right time here. Flying the friendly skies clearly was not her final destination. Fast forward through years of auditioning, submitting reels and updating portfolios. The usual actors boot camp.  Amidst the fray Tracey has landed major commercials such as McDonald’s and Target. But her string of television gigs is no short list: Where Is Love Waiting, Fashion House, Journeyman, Lincoln Heights and a DVD movie Medicine for Melancholy. If you wanna see more I suggest you get yo’ IMDB on.

 Tracey Heggins will be starring as Senna in the highly anticipated The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1 and Part 2 movie slated for release  later this year.  
I love it when I see sistas doing it big! Congratulations to Tracey for making her way onto the big screen. No need to say that hard work pays off.  It’s pretty evident. You may have noticed not much here on her personal life. That’s because she’s focused on her career. Don’t believe me? Feel free to exhaust all Google searches. Let me know what you find.

by RyannHill           Editing by Shon Lomax