Beyonce Covers Again! Harper’s Bazaar UK September 2011

Beyonce has made her point. “Run The World”.  And yes..she is doing just that. Insert “Run Fashion World” here.  Already known as a international superstar  Beyonce has found yet another way to carve out her name adding on to her legacy. Lately she’s been regulating just about every top fashion magazine cover that hits every global stand. Or haven’t you noticed?  Kidding. You’ve noticed.

I’m sure if  Bey decided  to fly into outer space to do a photo shoot cover it wouldn’t be a problem. While communicating with us down here how difficult floating over planets is I think secretly she would be challenging herself to exceed  all past accomplishments.

She’s back  now on planet earth looking extraordinary to jump off this fall season in the Harper’s Bazaar UK September 2011 issue. You can find her wearing a delicate but fierce mix of jewelry and wares that spread across six  pages by Armani, Hermès, Alaïa, and Lavin.  Do we want more? 

 Killin’ it right here. Go Bey!

Photoshoot for Bazaar by: Alexi Lubomirski