Who’s that girl from the UK?

Ok. ARTA went in…all the way to the UK!



Not just another fresh face with loose hopes and wilted dreams Naomi McKenzie is beyond being simply titled as multi-faceted. She is a true  ARTA CHIC girl. And then some…

Saying that she’s a busy girl is putting it mildly.  Seriously. A dancer and a model who lives in Manchester, England, Naomi is also a full-time student. Besides studying A-Level Spanish, Media, and Sociology she’s currently teaching herself Japanese. Feel free to insert wow here!

Her love of  traveling and  learning new languages hardly surpasses her affinity for music. Namely dancing.   She discovered this natural talent as a child which led to casting opportunities in music videos and television programs such as Waterloo Road.  When she’s not studying contemporary dance and ballet in college you can find Naomi lending her skills to other young dancers. She teaches them the basic techniques of street and hip hop. Did I mention she’s only 18 years old?

Introducing Naomi McKenzie

Photography by: Iltztem Photography


ARTA recently caught up with Naomi. Here’s the 411:

ARTA:  What dance school did you attend?
Naomi: I’ve never officially gone to a dance school but I did attend Stagecoach Performing Arts for a year. While there my concentration was in contemporary and ballet.  Ever since I was little girl I’ve always taught myself dance and have yet to stop.
ARTA: How did you get into modeling?
Naomi: I have always loved the thought of becoming a model.  I’d been scouted by a few small agencies previously but decided to do all the work myself just to see what would happen. That’s how I landed on websites like Model Mayhem.
ARTA: Are you currently represented by any agencies?
Naomi: No. But it would be great to be represented  by top agencies Boss Model Management, Wilhelmina, Elite, Storm and Premier.
ARTA: Any campaign ads out there that strike your fancy? 
Naomi: Sure.  Anything by Armani, Prada, Chloe, Gap, Guess, H&M, and Lipsy.
ARTA: Describe your sense of style. 
Naomi: Really unique.  My outfits have a  sort of preppy feel with a hint of classy, chic,  vintage and street.

Photography by: Hannah Millard

ARTA: What makes you different from others?  
Naomi:  I’m a pretty optimistic and caring  person who enjoys making people smile. My many interests remind me to always try to see the good in all people. Really dig customizing my own clothes and writing poetry.  Learning languages and new things in general is always cool.
ARTA: Who or what inspires you the most?
Naomi: Cliche’ as it may sound but it is from my mother whom I draw from my well of inspiration.  She passed away recently. She always wanted me to fulfill my dreams and wishes. To be happy with anything I did.  My mom knew how much I wanted to become a model and fully supported my efforts.  Anyone who has achieved all from nothing inspire me.  People that have a good head on their shoulders and are focused on getting to where they want to be while enjoying life along the way.
Photography by: Iltztem PhotographARTA: You’re celebrating your 100th Birthday. What have you accomplished?
Naomi: There is so much I would loved to have done by then(haha).  Definitely experiencing success as a model and a professional dancer. Or knowing that that I’ve been able to provide for my family financially all these years.  To have met a lot of great people, to speak at least three other languages fluently and to have made a great change in peoples lives.  I’d like to be known and remembered as a woman who lived her life to the fullest and is still going strong.
ARTA: We are all beautiful in every way. It’s revealed in our skin, hair, strengths, talents, admiration, morals, integrity, love and so much more. Tell us what makes you beautiful from the inside out?
Naomi: Most people think that beauty is only physical.  I think having respect for yourself is beautiful enough. Personally , I let everyone in with open arms and give people a chance.  Having the right attitude helps. That’s me.  I’m a very shy person upon  first impression. But I am confident. To me having  confidence and a love  for something you want is the key.  I’m still very young and make mistakes. As long as you realize this and learn from it, you can’t go wrong.
ARTA: Name the one thing you can’t live without? 
Naomi: That’s a tough one. Ha Ha… I would have to say my bed. No!  Music! I have to listen to music. 
ARTA: Who’s in rotation on your playlist?
Naomi: Jhene Aiko “Higher”,  T-Pain “Her”,  Ciara “Ride”,  Kelly Rowland “Motivation”,  Kevin Cossom ft. Fabolous “Baby I Like It”, RichGirl “He Ain’t With Me Now Though”, Tyga “BMF Freestyle” and Chris Brown “She Ain’t You”.
Photography by: Hannah Millard Photography by: Hannah Millard