How To Store Your Makeup

by K. Danyelle

Messy makeup tends to be dirty, and if products are buried, they can go bad before you have a chance to use them. Here’s how to maintain order.

  •  KEEP COOL. Store makeup and fragrance away from humidity and heat, which both degrade products. The bathroom cabinet may be convenient, but a dresser drawer is better. Wipe down lipstick cases and compacts regularly with a wet wipe, and wash brushes in warm, soapy water

    Organize your makeup by type and color in clear plastic trays. Place what you use every day at the front and products you use every once in a while for a little jazz or spark in the back.
  • COLOR CODE. Place lipsticks and eye shadows together in the same color family. If you can’t see the color you can take the color of lipstick or eyeshadow and mark the color on a white sticker and place it at the top of the tube.
  • WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER and FALL CLEAN. Mark every product with the date as soon as you open it. It will help you to toss makeup after the expiration date is out of usage. Mascara and Foundations should be replaced every three months, and all lipsticks after a year. And try to get rid of things you don’t wear at all twice a year.