Candace Smith

Simply stating that Ms. Candace Smith is the total package would be an understatement.  I had the pleasure of working with her a few years ago and found her to be absolutely stunning beyond looks and personality.

A native of Dayton, Ohio she attended The University of Dayton. Furthering her studies at the University of London eventually obtaining a law degree from Northwestern University School of Law. Whew! Talk about getting an education. Her having more than one degree status can also be likened to her multiple turns as a model/actress.  If her face seems familiar it’s because  you may have glimpsed her on The Price is Right as one of Bob Barker’s beauty showcase models,  HBO’s Entourage, NBC’s Joey, Broken Lizard, Beerfest, Method and Red and The Slammin’ Salmon.  Not to mention she has a few magazine covers tucked under that belt of accomplishment. Ms.  Smith definitley towers over the rest of the herd in an industry that is famous for it’s ficklenss. Coupled with beauty and brains this is one sista who’s definitely got her ‘A’ GAME up.

Don’t sleep.