Amber Rose is Doing it and Doing it well….

By RyyanHill

Gotta Love Her! I think she is the dopest fly chick right now .. and she doesn’t even rap! With that being said  “I love her style”.

Heard Amber Rose on the Foxxhole (Jamie Foxx radio) the other day. This chick is doing major things right now. She stated that she will be doing a docu series AKA a reality show (that will be nothing like the Kardashians, Basketball Wives or Mob Wives.)  It’s all REAL. Nothing scripted. Plans are in the works for her own makeup and eye wear line as well.

Yo.. I can’t be mad at her .. she’s ONE chick that is and always will be on point with her fashion (without the need of a FASHION STYLIST) and her business. She is still represented by Ford Modeling Agency.

Damn I do miss her being with Kanye though…. to me…. They were the ULTIMATE- best dressed-too much swagg fo’ ya’-fashion stylin’-effortless-ride or die-don’t give a hoot-hottest couple in hip hop.  Next to Bobby and Whitney of course.